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Health Insurance For Unemployed or Low Income Americans  

by Marilyn Katz

Article Source:

These days, lots of people in the US are without a group health plan. If you lost your major medical plan, and have no income or a low income, look at your choices.

It is not that there is a lack of choices, but that many of the best choices come with a very high price tag that many families just cannot afford in today's economy.

Many people lost their health plan when they lost their jobs. Some can rely upon the COBRA extension. But this only applies to some workers. And besides, the plan extensions are usually pretty expensive. So this is not an option for every person that lost their job.

Alternatives to COBRA extensions may be private major medical plans or some low income aternatives. Evey US state has some sort of plan for people who have been declined by private insurers. A federal high risk plan is also coming with health reform, but it may not be fully implemented yet in your area.

Private major medical insurance is one choice for families that can qualify for it and afford it. It is fairly easy to compare choices in your area if you use an online based quote system. You can compare the policies and premiums for some of the top insurers in your area.

Remember that insurance is mostly regulated at the state level. So your options will vary by your state. Sometimes they even vary by your county or zip code. You cannot always take the best plan that your cousin in another state or city uses. You must do comparisons for your own city. Web based comparison systems are very useful. Looking at private companies is a good start.

If you could afford a private plan, but cannot get accepted because of a health condition, it is time to look at high risk options. The state high risk plan can probably be found with a quick internet search. They all should have websites which will give you the options you have. It may be a state or federal plan.

High risk health plans do have premiums, and may not accept everybody either, but do provide an option for many people.

There are some other alternatives for people who do not have the money to pay for a health insurance plan of their own.

Federal programs, like Medicaid, cover very low income people with few assets. CHIPS is the children's health inurance program for families with low to medium incomes.

There may also be country health systems where you live that have hospitals and clinics with sliding fee scales. This can be a fallback measure for families with financial problems.

You can also find private foundations and charities for people with specific diseases or conditions. The website is a good place to look for your options for problems like this.

It can be tough to find a good health plan when you are out of work or working for a lower income. You should be able to find public and private choices. You should be proactive in your search. That way you will know what to do if you have a health issue in your family. That way you can provide security for your family's health!

Let us help you find the best insurance quotes for you health, life, or auto! We can also help you find no medical exam term life!

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